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Nic's Wheelchair Fund Raiser
About Nic

Hi, I'm Nic

From an early age I've had an interest in motor-sport and engineering, competing in motorcross, taking part in off-roading and rebuilding my bikes and cars in my spare-time from work. I thought I had life sussed, having just qualified in motor vehicle service and maintenance, and applied for a position at DSG, supporting our troops with both my older brothers.

On the 1st of July this year (2012) I went out for a ride on my 125cc motorbike with my dad and middle brother, on our way home I was hit head on by a car that pulled out of a line of stationary traffic onto my side of the road, this broke my neck and trapped my spinal-cord, leaving me paralysed from the chest down, I have limited movement in my arms but nothing in my hands...

While in James Cook Hospital Nic met a couple of members of North East Bulls
Wheelchair Rugby team that train in Sedgefield twice a week, nic has now been going to practise nights for a few weeks now and even though he can not keep up with most of them he understands that the exercise and confidence it brings is very important and he will get stronger and will gain more wheelchair skills through it, it is still very early days yet for Nic who now has to live and sleep in our converted dinning room, he has very limited space to move around in which consists of his room, hallway and kitchen he is still unable to exit the house unassisted but remains positive and always looking to the future. 

If You Can Dream It