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Nic's Wheelchair Fund Raiser

Nic had been in James Cook Hospital since 1st July 2012 when he was hit by a car head-on that was Driving on the wrong side of the road.

Nic is back home now with his family and friends and starting to build a new life.

Nic asked many times while in Hospital "How and Why did i live after such an accident" well Nic had started to Council other spinal injury cases whilst still in hospital himself and now thinks he survived to offer peer support work to people with spinal injurys.

Nic says himself its better coming from a lad in a wheelchair that has just been there done it and got the tee shirt, than a person that’s not living it.

Nic still learns something new each day and finds ways to overcome or adapt to get what he needs done.

The Doctors and Nurses can only show you how they think it should be done but in the real world we may finds lots of other ways of doing it.

He had spent 10 weeks on life support and the rest in the spinal unit, Nic has limited movement in his arms but nothing from the upper chest down to his toes.

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